The Health Team intervenes to offer psychological and medical support to anyone who needs it every first and third Saturday of the month in Saint Panteleimon Square and every second and fourth Saturday of the month in Victoria Square, at 16.00. For us it is important to highlight the political dimension of the refugee issue and not to provide medical care in the context of some humanitarian action that will, in long term, be to the detriment of refugees. For that reason, we do not cooperate neither with institutions which, with their politics, lead to human misery in the name of profit, like states, governments and international organisations, nor with institutions like NGOs. We invite you to show your solidarity by taking part in our action and joining the Health Team, whether you are a health professional (doctor, nurse, psychologist, pharmacist) or not. Also, anyone who would like to contribute with medicines and medical equipment can find us during our intervention in the squares.